One of our recent customers taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen offer.

This motorway muncher does 130 mile trip most days so a full Hydrogen Engine detox and economy remap will maximise the fuel return and offer smoother and sharper throttle response at the same time. They said when I arrived their A6 Avant always feels a bit sluggish. NOT ANY MORE 😎

Our Eco Remap offers up to 25bhp and 60nm with up to 15% improvements in mpg. Just the Hydrogen Engine Clean and regain up to 7mpg which we have seen from some of our customers.

Our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

☆Restore Engine Performance
☆Restore Fuel Efficency
☆Restore Emmission levels
☆Gain more Power
☆Gain smoother Power Delivery
☆Increase MPG
☆Remove Carbon Build up
☆From 30 Minute Detox session


Our prices start from

☆Single Car Hydrogen Clean £95.00
☆Twin Car Hydrogen Clean £150
☆Remap and Hydrogen Clean from £250

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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning for single vehicle £95 , two vehicles £150 in Hampshire, Hydrogen Clean and OBD Remap from £250: for more information - click here to learn more