Blended Remapping – A Mix of power and Economy

At AMTuning we can offer Blended maps, Performance or economy maps. Our Blended remaps offer the best combination of improved BHP and Torque and added economy improvements.

Blended Remap Advantages

  • More performance and power when you need it over our BlueOptimizer map
  • Greater torque across the whole rev range over our BlueOptimizer map
  • Sharper quicker throttle response
  • Smoother, quicker delivery of power

Up to 15% improved fuel economy

Improved MPG – reduced emissions (subject to vehicle type and driving styles)

Enhanced sharper throttle response

Smoother more progressive power delivery

Power and torque improvements

Blended Remapping – The best of both worlds

If you want the best of both worlds , our award winning  BlueOptimizer offer the best for economy while our Performance map offer maximum power while retaining the reliability of the engine, our Blend remap offers a combination of the two more power and more torque with some improvement in mpg and sits as a perfect compromise between the two options. If you would like your car remapped and have your cake and eat it, get in touch.

Dyno and testing Waterlooville

Dyno and Testing Facilities

All vehicle maps have been rigorously tested to make sure you get the very best in performance every time you drive your car. We run exhaustive remapping tests on our 3000bhp rolling road to ensure that your engine will be more responsive.

AMTuning Blended Remapping Services

Our Blended remap offers more consistent acceleration with no flat spots, better bottom end power and extra brake horse power BHP and more MPG. If you want additional performance for your car or vehicle, AM Tuning can also offer a range of exhausts and springs with local fitting available near Portsmouth.

For more information, or just a chat about more power and remapping cars, please email or call about having a Blended remap.

Rabac House, Priory Gardens
Waterlooville, Hampshire

Telephone: 07522 000 299

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