Diesel & Petrol Tuning

BlueOptimize tuning Waterlooville

Diesel and Petrol engine tuning

As an Approved Viezu dealer, we cover most types of vehicle tuning and ECU remapping – Diesel engine tuning is incredibly popular due to the very positive way that the diesel engine responds to tuning, very significant gains can be delivered in power, torque and fuel economy and almost all vehicles with a diesel engine, this can also be said about low volume petrol turbo vehicles and even larger capacity petrol turbos.

Diesel and Petrol turbo engine tuning can be specifically tuned to meet the driver’s needs, be it out right power, increased fuel economy or just general tuning, or to account load bearing vehicles, i.e. towing or haulage we can cover these types of tuning and modifications.

BlueOptimize Fuel Economy Tuning

Our diesel tuning services include our multi award winning BlueOptimize Fuel economy tuning, used by the largest fleet on the roads today. BlueOptimize is the most popular fuel economy tuning software in use, and AM Tuning of Portsmouth use this system extensively. This type of remap has been installed on over 150,000 vehicles around the world and Viezu’s Blue Optimize won the Queens Award For Enterprise in 2014.
As a Viezu dealer the type of tuning carried out is customer and bespoke to your needs, why not call us now to discuss how a Viezu remap can make you smile again about driving your Diesel or Petrol Turbos. Plug in Tuning Boxes, Self-tuning via V-Switch can also be supplied, if required.

Viezu V-Switch

AM Tuning Benefits

By using AM Tuning Services you automatically have access to the following.

  • High performance tuning and ECU remapping
  • Award-winning BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning
  • Fuel saving remapping and much more
  • 30 Day money back guarantee on all BlueOptimize remaps
  • Choice of 4 maps:  Economy, Blend, Performance, Bespoke
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • Local fitting centre for additional work (if required)
  • Pre-Diagnostic checks before we carry out the remapping process
  • Backed up by the largest dealer in the United Kingdom


Rabac House, Priory Gardens
Waterlooville, Hampshire

Email: info@amtuning.uk
Telephone: 07522 000 299

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