There are so many options out there for remapping and even which type of map to go for or even who to use  but is If you have thought about remapping your car you may have also considered removing your DPF during the process, or indeed just having the DPF removed for the extra power and economy it may provide or due to blocked DPF light.

But think wisely about gutting  and removing your DPF for this reason as you could invalidate your insurance, fail your MOT and be forced to double your initial cost plus the cost of a new DPF due to having to put a new filer back on your car and have your car remapped for a second time.

DPF’s normally fail for a reason.  poor maintenance, short trips at slow speeds which don’t let the engine warm up enough to start the regeneration cycle.  you may have seen this before, there is normally a reason why the DPF has failed but don’t think just removing it is the best response, more information can be found below of two such articles.

Government investigates DPF removal ahead of crackdown

                                                                     DPF issues on vehicles, think twice before removing DPR removal recommendations by amtuning in hampshire


MOT testing ban for mechanics advertising DPF removals

Laws are changing and the Government is getting ready for change, what with #DieselGate now there is #DPFGate. In addition to this MOT testing stations have been banned from performing MOT’s for offering such services which is a major shift in direction for may. If you have any questions or about DPF or EGR removal services in addition to engine and gearbox remapping please email us via or via the contact us page.

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