Taking full advantage of remap and hydrogen engine clean service we remapped this S Max 2.2 TDCI. Previously suffering un-even lumpy pull off poor mpg. Mid 20’s

Remapping our Eco Remap which offers up to 20bhp and 40nm with up to 20% improvements in mpg plus our Hydrogen Engine Clean, cleans as much internal contamination as possible. We can remove into 90% of carbon within 30 minutes.

Now this S Max runs smooth with a clean power delivery and already returning a higher mpg than before.  #fordsmaxremap #smaxremapping #fordremapping #hydrogenengineclean

Our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

☆Restore Engine Performance
☆Restore Fuel Efficiency
☆Restore Emission levels
☆Gain more Power
☆Gain smoother Power Delivery
☆Increase MPG
☆Remove Carbon Build up
☆From 30 Minute Detox session

S-Max 2.2 TDCI+ Remap with amtuning's economy map S-Max 2.2 TDCI+ Hydrogen engine clean completed by amtuning

Our prices start from

☆Single Car Hydrogen Clean £95.00
☆Twin Car Hydrogen Clean £150
☆Remap and Hydrogen Clean from £250

For more information please visit AMTuning.uk or message us via Facebook. #AMTuning.uk

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December Special : Hydrogen Engine Cleaning for single vehicle £65 , two vehicles £120 in Hampshire, Hydrogen Clean and OBD Remap from £200: for more information - click here to learn more