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Petrol and Diesel Chip Tuning Boxes

Some brands of cars or vans simply cannot be remapped, either due to fiddly remaps, security on the on board chips within the ECU making it impossible to remap. Sometimes the idea of re-tuning a vehicle away from standard just doesn’t suit the customer. In this case the best way to get the best way to tune onto a car is by multiple channel tuning boxes. These offer hundreds of settings that can be adjusted to give the end user exactly what they want and removed at will.

Viezu Tuning Box Suppliers Portsmouth

There is an alternative to remaps – we can supply the Viezu tuning box. This system box is connected to the cars electronics and comes with individual maps specifically for your vehicle pre-installed. Be it for power, performance, economy or a blend of all we can cover this as well.

Other options available are plug in chip tuning, V Switch Self Tuning, Home Tuning, Engine optimizing, Performance remapping or a Blend Remap. We guarantee that we can save you money using the Blue Optimizer remap.

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