Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap

Something a little different from this weeks tuning. Taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen clean service we carried out increasing the bhp and mpg.

Remapping with our Performance Remap which offers up to 70bhp and 150nm this 500bhp CL600 was already rapid. The post remap test drive was full of

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Mercedes SL600 Remap and Hydrogen Clean by Southampton

In addition to the remap our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

☆Restore Engine Performance
☆Restore Fuel Efficiency
☆Restore Emission levels
☆Gain more Power
☆Gain smoother Power Delivery
☆Increase MPG
☆Remove Carbon Build up
☆From 30 Minute Detox session

Our prices start from

☆Single [...]

Ford Transit 2.2TDCI

Transit T350 Remap by Portsmouth

AMTuning don’t just remap cars, there are major benefits for van drivers when remapping their vehicles with our Blend or BlueOptimizer remaps. Our BlueOptimizer remap offers cars and vans up to 20% improvements in fuel economy and makes driving heavier loads so much easier than Pre-remap. In addition to the smoother power delivery both options offer increase mpg, before we remapped this 2.2TDCI Transit it felt heavy and slow, post remap there was a transformation in driving styles and economy.

The customer is over the moon with an additional 40 miles plus per take, over the month this give a free tank of fuel , not bad a bad return, another happy customer after AMT completed another quality remap.

For more information about [...]

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