This clean BMW 116i has enjoyed our Engine cleaning service.

Currently with 118k on the clock the customer wanted to refresh the performance. As part out our cleaning process you get the following  #enginedetox #bmwtuning #bmwportsmouth

☆Restore Engine Performance…
☆Restore Fuel Efficiency
☆Restore Emission levels
☆Gain more Power
☆Gain smoother Power Delivery
☆Increase MPG
☆Remove Carbon Build up
☆From 30 Minute Detox session

BMW 116i Hydro Clean by

Our prices start from

☆Single Car Hydrogen Clean £95.00
☆Twin Car Hydrogen Clean £150
☆Remap and Hydrogen Clean from £250

AMTuning are pleased to announce due to advances in new protocols we are now able to remap most BMW Fxx vehicles with Full OBD Read/Write Solution, we are one of the first in Hampshire if not the UK to be able to offer tuning solutions without opening BMW ECUs.

There are a number of traditional ways BMW Fxx ecu’s are remapped..  the original way is to open up the ECU to the elements and then separate the circuit board which is bonded too the ecu chassis and flip it over,  BDM probes are then used to read and write the new calibration, more recent methods are to drill a whole in the ECU casing and then connect the probes,  both of these options leave a viable sign of remapping.

As of now AMTuning can remap most Fxx based BMW ECU’s via the traditional OBD diagnostic port offering major improvements in mapping times and issues to [...]

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