VAG 2.0TDI 140hp engine Remap in Portsmouth


The VAG 2.0TDI 140hp engine finds its way in to a few cars in the group range and this Tiguan 140hp was asking to be remapped 🤣 lighter than it’s Audi cousin the Q3 the Tiguan pulls along pretty well already.

But we added some extra pull with our Performance remap, adding an extra 40bhp and 80mm to this already quick DSG Tiguan it will be a rocket ship .

Standard BHP 140bhp
AMTuning BHP 180bhp plus 80nm

All done safely via the OBD diagnostic port and stabalised battery.

By using AMTuning you get access to our premium maps and the following

✔ Hydrogen Engine Cleaning
✔ Stage 2 diesel Intake Cleaning
✔ Performance, Blend, Eco maps
✔ Stage 1,2 and more maps
✔ EGR Deletes
✔ Limiter Removal
✔ Improvement in economy
✔ Up to 40% more BHP
✔ Up to 40% more Torque

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