Do your Ford Transit’s AdBlue systems occasionally malfunction? For expert assistance, go no further than AM Tuning. Our Waterlooville-based company specialises in identifying and fixing AdBlue problems in Ford Transit vehicles serving the nearby communities of Portsmouth, Worthing, Southampton, and other cities. Our devoted team of professionals is here to offer you trustworthy solutions and quickly get your Ford Transit back on the road.

Your Ford Transit’s AdBlue system occasionally has malfunctions, which might cause performance problems and warning signs. The following are typical Ford Transit AdBlue fault indicators:

  • Warning Messages

    If you see warning messages on your dashboard, such as "AdBlue System Malfunction" or "Service Required," it means your Ford Transit may have an issue with its AdBlue system.

  • Restricted Driving Mode

    In some circumstances, an AdBlue issue may result in a restricted driving mode, which reduces the performance and speed of your Ford Transit. This safety feature is intended to keep the car from being damaged when the AdBlue system isn't working properly.

  • Reduced Engine Power

    AdBlue issues can also cause an engine power reduction, which will impact your Ford Transit's acceleration and general performance.

Using AM Tuning’s expertise to fix AdBlue malfunctions in your Ford Transit has various benefits:

  • Restored Performance

    You may get your Ford Transit's performance back to normal by fixing any AdBlue issues. This guarantees smooth acceleration, better power delivery, and an improved driving experience all around.

  • Avoiding Expensive Repairs

    Ignoring AdBlue malfunctions can result in more serious problems with the pollution control system in your Ford Transit. AM Tuning can help you avoid future, expensive repairs with prompt intervention.

  • Emission Standards Compliance

    Fixing AdBlue issues guarantees that your Ford Transit remains in compliance with environmental laws, lowering harmful emissions and promoting a cleaner environment.

  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

    Your Ford Transit will operate more efficiently and cost less to fuel over time if the AdBlue system is working properly.

Avoid letting your Ford Transit’s AdBlue faults ruin your driving time. For optimal performance and roadside peace of mind, get in touch with AM Tuning right away and let our professionals identify and fix the problems.

Make an appointment with AM Tuning today to experience the power, efficiency, and dependability you deserve. Trust us to enhance your driving experience with our expert AdBlue Malfunction Ford Transit services.

*Please note, AdBlue deletes are for off road use only*

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