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BMW 116D Remapped to 190bhp via OBD

#BMWOBDTUNING . Taking advantage of our December remap and hydrogen engine clean offer this recent BMW started off with an engine clean followed by OBD remapping.

After a 30 minute clean the engine sounded quieter and was running smoother and after a test drive by the customer picked up quicker and was more responsive.

Then on to the OBD remap, this is a 116d and for those of you aren’t aware comes with a 1995cc engine. Running 114bhp as standard and gets a healthy increase of 75bhp and 140nm 

Remaps are available for most of thr BMW engine’s range.

Along with our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following

Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emissions levels
Gain more Power
Gain smoother Power Delivery
Increase MPG
Remove Carbon Build up
From 30 Minute Detox session

BMW Remap and Hydro Clean by

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