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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Waterlooville

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning to remove Carbon build up

We’ve all been stuck in traffic,  sat there for ages,  driven normally or even suffered failed MOT’s or warning lights on the dash,  over time all engines get dirty and this doesn’t have to just be down to driving styles, much is down to the way the engine recirculates engine gases or just generally the quality of the fuel.

Over time this causes carbon build up or sludge and then in turn this causes poor performance, poor mpg or just generally a poorly performance engine.   With an annual Carbon Engine Clean from AMTuning you can maintain the performance of your engine and in most cases reverse years of internal neglect.

HHO Cleaning 

HHO “Hydrogen” engine carbon clean service is the process of using Hydrogen to remove carbon deposits within the combustion cycle of an engine. Hydrogen cleans carbon similar to the way acetone cleans nail varnish. The reaction is almost instant and within a 30 minute session, your engine can lose between 40-90% of its carbon deposits


Is it harmful to my engine or components 

Very simple, NO !.

The reaction of hydrogen on carbon deposits breaks the material into tiny molecules that simply exit through the exhaust system. This is the exact same process that your engine runs through in normal daily usage but due to various reasons, the engine can build deposits of carbon causing blockages within the intake and exhaust process

Will I benefit from having it done

Simply YES!,  

Anyone with an engine whether that be Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid.

If your engine is producing a carbon output, a hydrogen clean will assist with the clean running and general maintenance of your engine.

How does it work ?

Using the right combination is key, the carbon cleaning engine by just water as raw material, and using electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen, our system mixes the gas which is then cooled and filtered into the engine, fuel, air, and combustion carbon mixed together. The increased internal oxygen proportion, improves combustion, during the process the catalytic properties of hydrogen make it possible for combustion carbon to be gradually broken down to clear internal carbon deposits thought the engine.

The HHO is passed into the engine through the air intake system and burnt as the engine runs mixing it with the fuel and finds carbon deposits through the air and burnt fuel. As it passes through the injectors, combustion chambers, filters and exhaust system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon producing hydrocarbon gas. This lifts carbon deposits from the engine and ejects them through the exhaust in most cased un-seen but on occasion engines with large carbon deposits will see the results from the exhaust. Using no harsh detergents and taking just half an hour on average AMTuning can returns your engine to a state of cleanliness close to new. You regain power and performance, increase the MPH and radically cut emissions..

Why Hydrogen have Engine Carbon Cleaner as part of your annual service

  • Decrease Fuel Consumption
  • Increase engine power 
  • Reduce Exhaust Emissions
  • Extend Engine life 
  • Eliminate Carbon Deposits
  • Eco-friendly – There is no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical substances to the environment 
  • Save money by running a cleaner engine

Why Hydrogen Engine Cleaning from AMTuning

AMTuning use the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Hydrogen cleaning systems.  The system has had many years of testing and perfecting within the automotive industry over many years combined and have a wealth of experience within the emissions and fuel saving markets.

Our experience has taught us that not all hydrogen systems are the same. Many systems on the market have huge flaws which vary from poor quality gas through to very low gas output. These flaws only result in the task you undertake being a complete waste of time, our system produced nearly 99% Hydrogen which many systems don’t. If the gas you produce is of poor quality or if you are not producing the correct amount of high quality gas then you’re wasting your time and effort as the job will take far longer or yield no results for your efforts.

We are confident that our systems are not only the best quality on the market and will produce one of the best results available today

Hydrogen Engine Clean

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