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SAAB 93 Remap Portsmouth

The bullet proof SAAB 93 1.9CDTI 150 BHP.

this one was very well looked after and we treated her to a good o’fashion Stage 1 remap with a few extras.

Most normal tuning tools will only full part of the data off the ECU if you read the ECU by OBD and will only allows you to part flash the ECU and not get the full power or add optional extras like EGR Removal or Swirl Flap removal from the remap.

We have some of the latest tuning tools on the market which means we can get a full read and flash by OBD without the need to open the ECU.

Stage 1 remap ✔
EGR Removal ✔
Swirl Flap Removal ✔
Done safely via OBD ✔

If you would like to have your SAAB or Vauxhall revamped why not give us a try.

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