VW Transporter Tuning Portsmouth

VW Transporter Tuning Portsmouth

#ReturningCustomer to #Waterlooville for our Tuning services.

We Love our customers and we love to keep them happy and this returning customer was no different, this time we worked on one of their company vans.

 Limiter Removal
 Upgraded ECU software
 Stage 1 Remap with Economy in mind
 Hydrogen Engine Clean

The VW Transporter T28 has so much potential, this one started out at 84bhp.

We can offer map options from 25bhp,40bhp or 95bhp #YourChoice

We spent time working with the customer pre remap to make sure we offered the service the customer wanted and after checking how the drive home was we were pleased to hear “it drives like a totally different van now”

VW Transporter Remap and Limiter removal AMTuning.uk Portsmouth

We’re looking forward to hearing how mpg improves now the engine has been cleaned and remapped.

For more information about our services and choices of remaps please message us or email via info@amtuning.uk #VWTransportTuning #PortsmouthTuning #VWTransporter #VWTuning