Ecu Flashing in Hampshire

AMTuning offer a range of remapping and ECU flashing services with Genuine tools only.  using some of the most new and innovative ECU flashing tools we can map most modern cars via the OBD port.

Remapping Hampshire by

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The stage 1 remap on some cars can mean many different figures, from brand to brand and model to model. This 1.4TDI Skoda Fabia has a tiny 3 cylinder engine but reacts very well with our Performance remap. Only producing a small increase but transforms to mid range torque making it a totally different car to drive.

Standard 80bhp
AMTuning 100bhp

Increase of up to 20bhp and 25nm

Our Performance remap offers a healthly increase and smoother cleaner power delivery.

Fabia Remap by AMTuning

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Eco tuning and hydrogen clean for this BMW 118d. Taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen clean during our December offers

A 30 minute clean was done and the engine was running smoother thanks to our Hydrogen generator doing it’s stuff.

Then we remapped with our award winning economy map which offer up to 25bhp and 45nm with up to 15% improvements in fuel.

Our cleaning and remapping services offer the following.

Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emissions levels
Gain more Power
Gain smoother Power Delivery
Increase MPG
Remove Carbon [...]

#BMWOBDTUNING. Gone are the days where you risk damaging your ecu when remapping your cherished Fxx range bimmer.

BMW has always been a ecu open job and board flipped or a hole drilled and plugged. We have the equipment to TUNE by OBD. Not only avoiding ecu damage during the process but also water ingress after the event.

The 4 series with the diesel engine is no exception to this, this 420d M sport in one of the best colours offers up to 45bhp and 80nm increases , it would be rude not to 

BMW OBD Remap by

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#AMTuning mapping a better tune ! #BMWRemapped Car #BMWTdiTuning

#BMWOBDTUNING . Taking advantage of our December remap and hydrogen engine clean offer this recent BMW started off with an engine clean followed by OBD remapping.

After a 30 minute clean the engine sounded quieter and was running smoother and after a test drive by the customer picked up quicker and was more responsive.

Then on to the OBD remap, this is a 116d and for those of you aren’t aware comes with a 1995cc engine. Running 114bhp as standard and gets a healthy incr…ease of 75bhp and 140nm 

Remaps are available for most of thr BMW engine’s range.

Along with our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following

Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emissions levels

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