BMW 520d OBD Tuning

BMW 520d OBD Tuning in Portsmouth

Adding a bit of  to this 520d BMW. This local customer emailed us to see if we could remap his 5 Series via the OBD port and could he have a deal if he and his friend had remaps done togeather.

Not one to disappoint we not only remapped his car via OBD with one of the most stable and issue free tools on the market but we also offer a discount for having two vehicles mapped at the same time and the customer also opted to have our Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service as well, cause we like making people happy

Standard BHP 181bhp
AMTuning BHP 226bhp plus 80nm and up to 15% improvements in fuel.

BMW 520 OBD Remap by Portsmouth

For more information please message us or email via with your registration and post code and we will provide some options on remaps.

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