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An existing customer asked for a massive favour and fit them in for a Hydrogen Engine Carbon to their new car. Not one to disappoint we fitted them in after they picked up their car and were on the way home, stopping off on route we gave it a quick health check and clean, even secured there number plates correctly for them !

After his long drive back he already messaged to say the car was much better post clean ?

Our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

 Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emission levels
Gain more Power
Gain smoother Power Delivery


The BMW range offer a strong engine as standard in the 3.0TDI range. This example was no different as standard these are 223hp out of the factory.

Enjoying the sun while reading the ECU in preparation of some additional work to this already remapped 330d, while we work with the customer on options there was one problem!!! what to pick : Full Performance. Stage 2 along with Milltek or Scorpion Exhaust subject to available and customer requirements.

While out doing this prep work we carried out a full Hydrogen Engine Cleaning to give a engine detox and remove some of the carbon build up what’s acquired over the last 134k miles 

BMW 330D Hydro Clean by AMTuning.uk

For more information about our services and choices of remaps please message us with your registration and post code for a detailed quote.


MORE #returning customers. We remapped this Vectra last year and the customer asked back to clean their engine with our Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service, which we did ?

Our engine cleaning offer the following.

 Restore Engine Performance
 Restore Fuel Efficiency
 Restore Emissions levels
 Gain more Power
 Gain smoother Power Delivery
 Increase MPG
 Remove Carbon Build up
 From 30 Minute Detox session

Vectra C SRI Hydrogen Clean by AMTuning.uk

Our prices start from

BMW 520d OBD Tuning in Portsmouth

Adding a bit of  to this 520d BMW. This local customer emailed us to see if we could remap his 5 Series via the OBD port and could he have a deal if he and his friend had remaps done togeather.

Not one to disappoint we not only remapped his car via OBD with one of the most stable and issue free tools on the market but we also offer a discount for having two vehicles mapped at the same time and the customer also opted to have our Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service as well, cause we like making people happy

Standard BHP 181bhp
AMTuning BHP 226bhp plus 80nm and up to 15% improvements in fuel.

BMW 520 OBD Remap by AMTuning.uk Portsmouth

BMW OBD tuning 420d

#BMWOBDTUNING Remapping for the 2.0L diesel BMW engine via OBD remapping. Avoid having your ecu opened or drilled and contact #AMTuning for options for your BMW.

The 2.0L engine comes in a wide range of Bmw’s and we tune via the diagnostic port.

This vehicle was not different. Remaps are available for most of the BMW engine’s range via OBD.

BMW 420d Remap by AMTuning.uk

Our prices start from

 Single Car Hydrogen Clean £95.00
 Twin Car Hydrogen Clean £150
 BMW Remap and Hydrogen Clean from £250

For more information please visit AMTuning.uk or message us via Facebook. #AMTuning.uk #Hampshire Remaps #bmw remaps [...]

Ecu Flashing in Hampshire

AMTuning offer a range of remapping and ECU flashing services with Genuine tools only.  using some of the most new and innovative ECU flashing tools we can map most modern cars via the OBD port.

Remapping Hampshire by AMTuning.uk

For more information about our services please contact us via info@amtuning.uk

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