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E Class E270CDI 175HP Remap


E Class E270CDI Remap in Hampshire

Looking for some extra power and economy we remapped this E Class E270CDI 175HP with our Blended calibration.

After upgrading from a Golf to this Mercedes E270 this customer found the mpg a little on the low side compared to the Golf, although we can’t make it as frugal as a Golf we can add up to 15% fuel economy improvements With our Blend remap.

Standard BHP 175bhp ➡️ 400nm
AMTuning BHP 210bhp ➡️ 480nm

All done safely via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilisation.

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

AMTuning offer Remaps for a range vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy.

Increase bhp by up to 40%
increase Torque by up to 30%
Increase in mpg of up to 20%
Up to 30 return to standard warranty
Quality maps only

in addition to remapping we offer Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following

Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emission levels
Gain more Power
Gain smoother Power Delivery
Increase MPG
Remove Carbon Build up
From 30 Minute Detox session



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