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Touareg 2.5TDI Remapped in Portsmouth


Another #touareg But this one has the 2.5Tdi. Still 35bhp and 80nm 👍 offer Remaps for a range of vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy.
Don’t be fooled by others offering cheap remaps. We’re tried & tested with feedback to back this up.
Engine cleaning from £75.00
Remaps from £225
✅Increase bhp by up to 40%
✅Increase Torque by up to 30%
✅Increase in mpg of up to 20%
✅Up to 30 return to standard warranty
✅Quality maps only
✅Insurance backed
✅interest-free credit available over £250
in addition to remapping, we offer Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following..  We are now the south coast dealer for #oxyhtech 👍
✅Restore Engine Performance
✅Restore Fuel Efficiency
✅Restore Emission levels
✅Gain more Power
✅Gain smoother Power Delivery
✅Increase MPG
✅Remove Carbon Build up
✅From 30 Minute Detox session
Options available.
✅Single Car Hydrogen Clean.
✅Twin Car Hydrogen Clean.
✅Remap and Hydrogen Clean.
Please message for more info with reg and post code.



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