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Not all Tuning Companies offer the same quality services offer Remaps for a range of vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy.

Don’t be fooled by others offering cheap remaps. We’re tried & tested with feedback to back this up.

✅Increase bhp by up to 40%
✅Increase Torque by up to 30%
✅Increase in mpg of up to 20%
✅Up to 30 return to standard warranty
✅Quality maps only
✅Insurance backed
✅interest free credit avaible over £250

in addition to remapping, we offer Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following

✅Restore Engine Performance
✅Restore Fuel Efficiency
✅Restore Emission levels
✅Gain more Power
✅Gain smoother Power Delivery
✅Increase MPG
✅Remove Carbon Build up
✅From 30 Minute Detox session

Please message for more info with reg and postcode.


Peugeot 307 Remap Portsmouth

The last one from today. An emergency remap and EGR delete for this Peugeot 307 1.6HDI followed by a Hydrogen Engine Clean.

Standard BHP 109bhp ➡️ 147nm
AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 210nm

And now revving so much quicker than before thank to the Hydrogen clean 👍

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

✔ Hydrogen Engine Cleaning
✔ Performance, Blend, Eco maps
✔ Stage 1,2 and more maps
✔ EGR Deletes
✔ Limiter Removal
✔ Improvement in economy
✔ Up to 40% more BHP
✔ Up to 40% more Torque
✔ Milltek, Scorpion Exhaust systems on request.
✔ Professional friendly service
✔ Fully Insured
✔ Genuine Tools (Always check before using others)
✔ Large range of tools to cover most vehicles
✔ 100amp Battery support, most use [...]

Peugeot Remaps 1.4 Remap near Portsmouth

We always love a returning customer, We remapped this customers van 18 months ago and they asked us to come back to map there 207. It was good to catch up for a chat too

Although only a small increase the 1.4 VTI responds well to remapping. Improving pick up and mid range pull, in addition to that we carried out a hydrogen engine clean to clear our the cobwebs.

Remaps are available for most of the vehicles including some of the newer vehicles that normally need the ecu’s to be removed and opened due to hardware and protocols.

Our engine cleaning offer the following.

Restore Engine Performance
Restore Fuel Efficiency
Restore Emissions levels

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