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Mercedes Vito range remap with massive gains

Normally with a remap you gain around 30bhp-50bhp depending the vehicle and engine but every now and again there are big gains from remapping.

This Vito was one of those such combinations 😈 and all done safely via the OBD diagnostic port thanks to the advances of our tuning tools.

Standard BHP 134hp ➡️ 330nm
AMTuning BHP 220hp ➡️ 530nm

These figures are amazing and show how much these Vito’s are de-tuned, we also topped off the remap with a Hydrogen Engine Clean as part of a twin booking in Southampton.

For more information about our services and choice of remaps and engine cleaning please message us or email via

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Not all Tuning Companies offer the same quality services offer Remaps for a range of vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy.

Don’t be fooled by others offering cheap remaps. We’re tried & tested with feedback to back this up.

✅Increase bhp by up to 40%
✅Increase Torque by up to 30%
✅Increase in mpg of up to 20%
✅Up to 30 return to standard warranty
✅Quality maps only
✅Insurance backed
✅interest free credit avaible over £250

in addition to remapping, we offer Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services which offer the following

✅Restore Engine Performance
✅Restore Fuel Efficiency
✅Restore Emission levels
✅Gain more Power
✅Gain smoother Power Delivery
✅Increase MPG
✅Remove Carbon Build up
✅From 30 Minute Detox session

Please message for more info with reg and postcode.


Mercedes C220 CDI Remap

Following some previous work we were asked to come back and remap this Mercedes C220 for a local customer.

After our initial checks we remapped the ECU with our Performance calibration. If you ever need proof that having good battery support is essential, while writing the new file this bad boy pulled up to 70amp. A drop in battery voltage or a flat battery can be very dangerous during the writing process which is why we have one of the best battery support units on the market.

Standard BHP 150bhp ➡️ 300nm
AMTuning BHP 190bhp ➡️ 380nm

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

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MEGA Torque… this S Class already had a large amount of torque before we flashed the ECU after we added more with a Stage 2 calibration it was even more ridiculous 😎.

Having already read the ECU we had our Stage 2 file ready to flash for the returning customer to pick up his car and drop by to finish off the remap.

Standard BHP 258hp ➡️ 600nm
AMTuning BHP 310hp ➡️ 720nm

To say this car is a beast is an understatement 😂

All done safely with 100amp battery stabilization. If you would like to inquire about having your Mercedes remapped give us a shout.

For more information about our services and choice of remaps and engine cleaning please message us or email via

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Mercedes Remapping in Portsmouth

Previously remapped with a very strong remap by an unknown company we remapped this with our Blend remap.

The reason for this is the torque limit was being hit on the auto gearbox and was causing shuddering when accelerating which was confirmed on the diagnostic scan.

Standard BHP 235hp ➡️ 540nm

Unknown Remap BHP 290hp ➡️ 670nm (approx based on file check against our Performance map)

AMTuning BHP 270bhp ➡️ 615nm plus up to 20% Fuel efficiency improvements

Some times it’s not just about Max Power from a remap it’s about quality remaps and clean power delivery.

For more information about our services and choice of remaps and engine cleaning please message us or email via

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Mercedes C220 Remap in Portsmouth 

Mercedes C220 BlueTec 170bhp for a Stage 1 Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean.

With an epic read time this beast took just under 2 hours to pull the data off the ecu ready to recalibrate.

Once the file had been prepared to load back on the ecu it only took 25 minutes, once this had been flashed we then topped this off with a maintenance clean to make sure the engine was running as smooth as possible.

Standard BHP 170bhp ➡️ 400nm
AMTuning BHP 220bhp ➡️ 500nm

If you’d like to talk to us about remapping your Mercedes why not message us or email via .

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Hydrogen Engine Clean and Remap in Portsmouth

The aim is for 500k miles. Currently sitting at 160k this taxi had a Hydrogen Engine Cleaning and our award winning economy Blue remap to help it along.

Well looked after and not showing it’s age at all we remapped this E220 BlueTec safely via the ODB port and we’re looking forward to hearing from the customer about the additional improvements in the economy.

Standard BHP 175bhp
AMTuning BHP 195bhp plus 40nm plus up to 20% fuel economy improvements.

If you’re looking to achieve the same goals 😂 or just more power on your daily drive give us a call or message us to find out how we can help.

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

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Mercedes AMG C64 Remap Portsmouth

We love local customers one of our recent customers contacted #Waterlooville to remap their Mercedes AMG C63 which was already running the AMG Performance Pack.

Our Stage 1 remap adds a line increase over this and takes power to well over 500HP. they have already asked about stage 2 with a Milltek cat by-pass.

Standard BHP 457hp Performance Pack 487hp
AMTuning BHP 510hp plus

All done safely by OBD

BMW Stage 1 Remap by Portsmouth

Stage 1 C63 Remap 520BHP Remap by Portsmouth

For more information please about our services and choices of remaps please message us or email via

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Mercedes CLA 220 Remap Portsmouth 

This Diesel came in for a little something MORE!

Standard BHP 170
AMTuning BHP 205 Plus 90nm

Topped off with a Hydrogen Engine Clean to make sure it’s giving its full protection , All done safely via the OBD port at the customer own property.

Mercedes CLA220d Remap and Hydroge Clean by Portsmouth

Our services for remapping and engine cleaning offer the following.

 Restore Engine Performance
 Restore Fuel Efficiency
 Restore Emissions levels
 Gain more Power
 Gain smoother Power Delivery
 Increase MPG

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