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Golf Remap in Portsmouth

The “heavy” Golf with the 1.6TDI engine travels along well enough but when you get to drive around 30k per year it gets a little “Do I keep it or sell for something with a bigger engine”

Why sell it when you can make it have a bigger engine 👍. We remapped this 1.6TDI 103bhp Golf and added some additional get up and go.

Standard BHP 103bhp ➡️ 250nm
AMTuning BHP 135bhp ➡️ 300nm

All done safely via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilisation.

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message or email via

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Ford Transit remap in Havant

We stopped off to this Transit TDCI for a local customer to remap there pride and joy.

This matching coloured Transit, brother to their pride and joy sierra cosworth 😏 was so well looked after you could eat your dinner from it.

We added a touch more power with our Stage 1 remap.

Standard BHP 140bhp
AMTuning BHP 186bhp plus 75nm

To see what we can offer your #Ford #Transit message us or email via

Offering a range of tuning services with genuine tools and equipment in and around #Havant #Southampton #Chichester #Gosport and the surrounding area


BMW MotorRad remapping by AMTuning

Something a little different for us today, Not our normal 4 wheels but 2 😂

Due to recent advancements with our equipment we can now recalibrate ecu on the BMW Motorrad bike range.

The current Euro 4 engine range is amazing but if anyone has owned or driven the previous Euro 3 bike(s) and upgraded you may have felt a little 😔 with the upgrade.

Well, we can give you a that little bit of “missing” back 😁

Working directly on the ECU we remapped this amazing 2018 R1200GS Adventure today and can also remap most of the other BMW Motorrad bike range .

For more information about our remap services for the BMW Motorrad bike range message us or email via .

Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester and the surrounding area for #BMW #Motorrad

Performance Air Filters by AMTuning

If you’re ever unsure about performance air filters watch this 🙂

Do Performance Air Filters Actually Work?

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Transporter T4 Remap in Portsmouth

A Wet. Wet, wet day. Even though it was wet and grey it was brightened up with this lovely T4 popping in for a remap 😎

In for a Performance remap today we added around 30bhp safely for this existing customer. We remapped their Golf in the summer and they have recently picked up this lovely T4.

Standard BHP 102bhp ➡️ 250nm
AMTuning BHP 132bhp ➡️ 310nm

The 2.4TDI offers a good kick already but adding another 60nm which doesn’t sound much just helps cart this heavy T4 around now with ease.

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via .


Ford Ranger 2.5L Diesel remap in Havant 

This work horse Ford Ranger 2.5L Diesel was remapped for a previous customer who liked our service and performance of this Fiat motor home they decided to have this done as well.

Standard BHP 141bhp ➡️ 350nm
AMTuning BHP 175bhp ➡️ 430nm

The results are one large amount or torque making for an easier drive with bags of pull.

Another happy customer 😎. For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester and the surrounding area.

#Ford #Ranger #PerformanceRemap


Ford Connect Remap in Portsmouth

We visited one of our regular customers on Hayling Island to carry out a Stage 1 remap on their new van and Hydrogen clean their Rav4 as it was getting a bit sluggish.

The Transit Courier comes with 95BHP/100PS 1.5CDTI . We only added a small increase but one that will transform the 1.5 engine to one that’s willing to pull it along very well 👍

Standard BHP 95bhp ➡️ 215nm
AMTuning BHP 115bhp ➡️ 280nm

Although not a big increase in BHP the increases in Torque makes up for it and helps make these pull like a tiny train they are 😂

The RAV4 received a chemical free Hydrogen Engine Clean to help clear out the Cobwebs

Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning which offers the following

We run a state of the art hydrogen cleaner which only used water No caustic chemicals with AMTuning 👍

✔Restore Engine Performance

VW Golf GTI Remapping in Hampshire

This Golf hides a few upgrades 😂

Larger FMIC
Turbo cat back Milltek
Induction kit

Starting life with it a standard 2.0T 200BHP we added our Stage 3 calibration with transforming results.

Standard BHP 200bhp ➡️ 280nm
AMTuning BHP 300bhp ➡️ 440nm

Added : 02 sensor off. VMAX off. RPM raised. Pops & Bangs.

To say the customer was happy on the test drive was understatement 😂 …. pulls like a train.

For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

Covering #Portsmouth #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester #Havant and the surrounding area. #Stage3Tuning #Golf #Turbo


Mini Remapping in Hampshire

The MINI…. slightly uprated over the original classic you could say. Well this one is no different now.

Standard BHP 192bhp ➡️ 280nm
AMTuning BHP 260bhp ➡️ 400nm

If you’re thinking of having your Mini remapped soon why not give us a try.

Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester and the surrounding area



Mercedes C220 Remap in Portsmouth 

Mercedes C220 BlueTec 170bhp for a Stage 1 Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean.

With an epic read time this beast took just under 2 hours to pull the data off the ecu ready to recalibrate.

Once the file had been prepared to load back on the ecu it only took 25 minutes, once this had been flashed we then topped this off with a maintenance clean to make sure the engine was running as smooth as possible.

Standard BHP 170bhp ➡️ 400nm
AMTuning BHP 220bhp ➡️ 500nm

If you’d like to talk to us about remapping your Mercedes why not message us or email via .

Covering #Gosport #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Southampton and the surrounding area

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