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Blended Remap offering 175hp

Audi A1 tdi Portsmouth

What started out as a 2.0 TDI with 140 bhp Audi A1, this tidy car has recently been mapped with our Blended Remap, offering the best of both worlds, our Blended remap is a combination of two maps, our award winning BlueOptimizer Eco remap and our more powerful Performance remap.

The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque but this option sits perfectly in the middle offering a compromise between our other two remap options. Have your cake and eat it springs to mind as you get increased BHP and MPG and is more in-tune with your average driver

Now returning up to 65 mpg with a silky smooth power delivery from around 1500 rpm, before the remap the car [...]

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