Stage 1 Engine Clean




Our 1 Hour 2000lt/hour Oxyhtech Engine Cleaner is state of the art and produces Oxy Hydrogen gas where the HHO gas is passed into the engine through the air intake system and burnt as the engine runs mixing it with the fuel and finds carbon deposits through the air and burnt fuel. As it passes the injectors, combustion chambers, filters and exhaust system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon-producing hydrocarbon gas. This lifts carbon deposits from the engine and ejects them through the exhaust in most cased un-seen but on occasion engines with large carbon deposits will see the results from the exhaust. Using no harsh detergents and taking just half an hour on average AMTuning can return your engine to a state of cleanliness close to new. You regain power and performance, increase the MPH and radically cut emissions, All by using JUST WATER!


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